January 31st 2021

7pm - Solas Bhride - Brigids Eve Ritual at the Well

Join Solas Bhride in a virtual Pilgrimage of Quiet Reflection and Prayer on the eve of Springtime.

For all events in Solas Bhride please check out their website:http://www.solasbhride.ie

St Brigid stories told by local Children – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kildare+town+tourist+office

Organized by Kildare Town Heritage Centre

Hill of Allen becomes a beacon of hope

The tower at the top of the hill will be immersed in a white light to symbolise hope for the new year from 6pm to Midnight on the 31st January to mark the ‘eve’ of St Brigid’s Day and will remain lit up on 1st February.

Due to restrictions, there will be no access on the evening to ensure public safety and comply with Government guidelines. However, members of the public can view the ‘lighting up’ from their own homes or by logging onto Into Kildare’s Facebook page here.

As part of Féile Bríde we are asking all households to light a candle on the 31st January at 8pm to signify hope and the changeover from Winter to Spring time.

February 1st - St Brigid’s Day

11am - Walk for St Brigid's day & Imbolc the beginning of Spring.

Why not start the day off by walking St Brigid's Trail or any walk of your choosing within current 5km restrictions   If your walk takes you through the town watch out for a gazebo outside the Heritage Centre which will have a table with a few items to take away ie some daffodil plants, rushes for St Brigid’s Crosses cd’s of a guided tour of the town and more. If level 5 lockdown is still in place this will be unmanned so we would ask that each person takes only one of each item. There will also be the opportunity to tie a ribbon, piece of cloth to a Willow Brigid to make a wish on the day (Courtesy of Beth Murphy) 11-4pm

Organized by Kildare Town Heritage Centre in conjunction with Kildare Town Tidy Towns, Healthy Ireland Project and the Community Garden.

11-12.30pm Féile Bríde: Weaving Hope into our St Brigid's Cross (Kildare Town Library)

Join Beth Murphy on a virtual trip across the Curragh in search of rushes to continue the annual custom of St Brigid’s Cross weaving. Then join her in a 90-minute on-line workshop to make your own cross. Due to the current restrictions, it will not be possible to provide packs of rushes and anyone wishing to participate must get their own or use an alternative.

Register: www.eventbrite.ie/e/feile-bride-weaving-hope-into-our-st-brigids-cross-tickets

3pm- Solas Bhride

In the folk tradition of Ireland and the Celtic Calendar, the first day of February is the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the Agriculture Year.
Join us as we explore the Customs and Traditions associated with Saint Brigid, as practiced by our ancestors, welcoming and celebrating rebirth and the new growing season.

February 2nd

7pm - Solas Bhride

Meditation from the Brigid Room, join with us at Solas Bhride for the first of two short meditations/reflections.

February 3rd

7pm Solas Bhride

Webinar on Saint Brigid of Kildare: Her Relevance for our Time. Tune in to a talk on Saint Brigid and glean some gems of Celtic wisdom. Her unfolding legacy continues to speak to the issues of our time.
This talk will respond to the question: Who was Saint Brigid of Kildare? It will include some of the rich resources associated with her and will ponder on their relevance for our world today.

February 4th

11:00 – 12:00 GMT - The Hills Speak - History and Mystery - Féile Bríde at Kildare Town Library

The Hills Speak - History & Mystery - Join Author John Kenny and Illustrator Dolores Keaveney “…we discovered the myths and legends that emerged over the centuries on St. Brigid. The hills of Ardagh in Longford, Croghan in Offaly and Uisneach in Westmeath all have their stories. These, and many others, form the basis of an account of the powerful woman who transformed a backward, forgotten land into the Island of Light in the Dark ages. We will be telling this story." Register through the link below :


February 5th

7pm  - Solas Bhride

Meditation from the Brigid Room

February 6th

3pm - 5pm

Afri:  An online gathering with reflections, music, poetry and film.

Booking details on https://www.afri.ie/