Outdoor Kids Attractions


Kildangan, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 45 526 774
Email: ordering@kildarefarmfoods.com

Kildare Farm Foods

This attraction offers free entry to the open farm.  Indoor facilities include, a crazy golf course, train rides & a well-stocked shop and café… click here to find out more!

Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 10:30am – 5pm.


Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 1 628 5422

Clonfert Pet Farm

A visit to Clonfert Pet Farm ensures a fantastic fun filled day out for the whole family and offers great value for money. There are lots of animals for the kids to learn about, 2 outdoor playground areas both with bouncy castles, an indoor play area, outdoor mini golf, go-karts, a football pitch and plenty of picnic areas. Don’t forget to find the secret fairy garden and see can you spot the little people!

Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 10:30am – 5pm.



Maddenstown, Co. Kildare
Phone:00 353 87 623 0819

Karibu Pet Farm & Picnic Area

Karibu Pet Farm is a family run pet farm in Maddenstown, Co. Kildare. It has a wide range of animals from Alpacas to Pot Belly pigs, and lots of little creatures too! Have fun in the Large Playground on the zip wire, or on the swing boats. With large indoor and outdoor picnic areas, it’s a great day out for all the family. Ideal for birthday parties and school tours! Available for bookings now, call 00 353 86 064 1940.

Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 11am – 4pm.



Donadea, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 45 909 555
Email: info@wallabywoods.ie

Wallaby Woods

Wallaby Woods offers a great day out for explorers of all ages. Our nature trails and woodland walks are a great interactive nature and animal experience. With many rare breeds to be discovered over 1.5km of beautiful walkways and flora and fauna. After a long day of exploring you can enjoy a BBQ with the family, or have a relaxing coffee in our coffee shop.

Opening Hours: Fri – Sun: 11am – 5pm (Last entry 3pm). Also open on school holidays.


Donadea, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 45 909 555
Email: info@lullymoreheritagepark.com

Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park

Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park is a great way to spend an entire day.  This attraction offers visitors the chance to learn all about the rich heritage of rural Ireland, it’s peatlands and folklore in a fun and exciting environment. Lullymore is packed with acitvities from the large outdoor play area with 18 hole mini golf course and pet farm, to train trips, treasure hunts, magical nature trails to the Fairy Village and more. It also offers plenty of indoor options such as an indoor play centre and café.

Opening Hours: Fri – Sun: 11am – 5pm (Last entry 3pm). Also open on school holidays.


Lullymore West, Rathangan, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 45 909 555
Email: bogs@ipcc.ie

Bog of Allen Nature Centre

There is so much to do at this attraction to keep the kids and adults occupied for the entire day! For example, a quiz to fill, a scavanger hunt, colour dabs activity and free nets and basins for children to fish for mini-beasts in the ponds at the nature centre. There is a boardwalk trail on Lodge Bog and families regularly attend special event tours organised at weekends. Adults can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or coffee at the picnic tables provided in the wildlife gardens while the kids are happily occupied.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm (Last entry 4pm). Weekends by appointment.


Prosperous, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 86 851 9296
Email: thekildaremaze@gmail.com

The Kildare Maze

The Kildare Maze is Leinster’s largest hedge maze located just outside Prosperous in the north of the county. This attraction offers a challenging  and exciting day out with good old fashioned fun for families at an affordable price. At The Kildare Maze families can take part in many different activities such as; a hedge maze, wooden maze, crazy golf, an assault course, the zip wire and there’s even a sandpit for the younger ones to enjoy!

Opening Hours: Saturday 29th October to 6th November, 12pm – 6pm.

Irish National Stud, Japanese Gardens & St. Fiachras Garden

Tully, Kildare Town, Co. Kildare
Phone: 00 353 45 521 617
Email: reservations@instourism.ie

The Irish National Stud & Gardens

A great way to spend a day with  the kids is at the Irish National Stud and Gardens.  This wonderful attraction is set in acres of landscaped gardens and children can really explore around the winding paths of the Japanese Gardens and St. Fiachra’s Garden before playing in the bespoke playground which includes a coffee shop on site!

Closed until February 2017. Find out more at www.irishnationalstud.ie


Taghadoe Round Tower, Maynooth


One of Maynooths oldest surviving monuments, Taghadoe Round Tower was part of an old monastic settlement and dates back to the 6th Century.

Its primary purpose was defence against local pillagers and Viking invasions but it was also used as a mark of the existence of a religious settlement. Among the ruins stands an early monastic church. The round tower itself has been renovated to some extent, however its roof was never replaced. A door stands 12ft above ground level where during times of invasion or plundering, when the warning was raised, the monks would gather all their sacred possessions and climb into the tower and pull the ladder up. This meant that there was only one entrance to defend which would have been relatively out of reach of the enemy.

The tower was used for about 1000 years but was left in ruins by the 17th Century.

The Taghadoe Round Tower is featured on the Kildare Monastic Trail available from  guidigo-logo

How to get there

It lies east of the R407, 8km southwest of Maynooth. Access to the site is free & parking is extremely limited.

OSI Discovery Series Map 50: N 9234 3456.

Latitude: 53° 21′ 12″ N / Longitude: 6° 36′ 47″ W






Oughterard Round Tower and Cemetery

The site, in the community of Ardclough, is a National Monument; it includes a castle dating from 1636 and a church from c. 1189.  The Round Tower is set on an elevated site in a beautifully well-maintained graveyard with a ruined late medieval barrel vault chapel (c. 1400’s).  Set into the side of the ridge with beautiful views of the Wicklow Mountains, Oughterard was the site of an important Anglo-Norman manor but there are no references to the castle here until 1636. The tower stands at 9.5 meters tall.

The parish church was granted to St. Thomas’ Abbey in Dublin before 1189 and stayed in their possession for the next 400 years. In 1540 it was said to be in need of repair and in 1576 it was being leased to Sir Henry Ratcliff. In 1596 it was granted to Richard Hardings. This church on site houses vaults belonging to Arthur Guinness, who is now buried here.

The Oughterard Round Tower is featured on the Kildare Monastic Trail available from  guidigo-logo

How to get there

It lies east of the N7, 4km southeast of Sallins. Access to the site is free.

OSI Discovery Series Map 50: N 9566 2624.

Latitude: 53° 16′ 41″ N / Longitude: 6° 33′ 57″ W

Find out more about Oughterard here


The Abbeys of Clane

Clane was at the centre of ecclesiastical operations in Kildare due to it’s strategic location on the River Liffey and close to Dublin.


St. Ailbhe’s Monastery

The beginning of the history of Clane dates from about 520 AD, when St Ailbhe, Bishop of Ferns founded Clane Abbey which predates St. Patrick’s. This is one of Ireland’s oldest monastic sites. It remained an important ecclesiastical site until the 13th Century when the Franciscan Friary was built in the town. The abbeys basic medieval structure was restored in the 1970’s by Clane Community Council and the grounds of the abbey landscaped into a Garden of Remembrance. 

Find out more about St. Ailbhe here


The Clane Friary

Founded in 1258 by Gerald Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald (Lord Offaly) as a friary for the Franciscian Order. The ruins of this abbey stand close to the river Liffey, just off the main street in Clane.  A damaged effigy of a knight on the site is said to be that of Lord Offaly himself. The friary was suppressed in 1536 by Henry VIII although the friars stayed on until the it was completely destroyed in c. 1550. There are information boards and plaques on the site to help interpret it for visitors to Clane as only the remains of the Friary Church are visible today.

Find out more about Clane Franciscian Friary here


Clane is featured on the Kildare Monastic Trail available from  guidigo-logo

How to get there

Clane lies southeast of the N4, find out how to get there on our Clane town page.

Access to both sites is free.




Moone High Cross


Moone High Cross

The Moone High Cross is the second tallest high cross in Ireland and it is said to be one of the best examples in the country.  It is divided into three parts, the upper, middle and base. In 1893 the middle part was discovered and reunited with the remaining parts which were originally found in the ruins of the medieval church in 1835.  Today, the complete cross stands at 17.5 feet (5.3 meters).

There are different scenes depicted on the cross; Daniel in the lions pit, the three children in the fiery furnace and the miracle of the loaves and fishes amongst them. The monastery is believed to have been founded by St. Palladius in the 5th century, dedicated to St. Columcille in the 6th and the cross, constructed from granite, is reputed to date from the 8th century.

The Moone High Cross is featured on the Kildare Monastic Trail available from  guidigo-logo

How to get there

Take N9 South for Carlow & follow signs for Moone.
Drive through Moone Village turning right at the sign for the High Cross.
(Please note, this site can be difficult to find – feel free to ask for directions once in Moone)

OSI Discovery OS. Map: 55 S 789 927.

Find out more about Moone High Cross here


Castledermot Monastic Site & Friary



Castledermot Monastic Site

The monastic site of Castledermot was founded by St. Diarmuid in c.812, although there is evidence to suggest that hermitages may have existed here since the 6th century.

St. James’ Church of Ireland Church now stands on the site of the original monastery. The construction of a 20m high round tower and the presence of two ornate 10th century high crosses indicate the site’s wealth and importance. A Romanesque stone church also formed part of the monastery. However, today only a well carved doorway survives. The community’s wealth attracted some unwanted attention, and Viking raids are recorded in the Annals for the years c.841 and 867. The hogsback stone burial in the graveyard is another indication of contact with the Vikings.

After the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169, Walter de Riddlesford was granted the barony of Kilkea. Tristledermot, as it was then known, was established as a medieval borough beside the existing monastery. De Riddlesford constructed a castle in the town. This was then rebuilt in 1485 by the Earl of Kildare. It was at this time that the name of the settlement was changed to Castledermot. The castle was destroyed by Cromwellian forces in 1650 and no remains of the building have yet been found.

Tristledermot quickly became a place of administrative importance, particularly in the 14th century. From the early days of the Anglo-Norman colony, Great Councils were held where King’s officers met with the chief magnates of the land. These gradually evolved into parliamentary sessions. The first documentary reference to an Irish parliament was a meeting at Tristledermot in 1264. A structure known as the Parliament Building was located on the market square until the 18th century.

Although the settlement was on the main route from Dublin to Kilkenny, it was also a frontier town, close to native Irish territories. In 1275, the townspeople were given a royal ‘murage grant.’ This allowed them to collect tolls from people entering Tristledermot and pay for the construction and maintenance of town walls. The wall was completed around 1302 and gave Castledermot its distinctive lozenge shape. Access to the town was via three gates; Dublingate to the north, the Carlowgate to the west and the Tullowgate to the south. Despite the construction of protective walls, the town was sacked in 1316 by Edward the Bruce, in 1405 and 1427 by the McMurroughs, and was eventually taken over for a period by the Kavanaghs. By the late 15th century the town was at least nominally back in the hands of the English crown. In reality though, it was the Earl of Kildare that controlled the town. Castledermot as it was by then known was again sacked in 1530 by crown forces aiming to take it from Silken Thomas (son of the ninth Earl of Kildare).

Trade was always an important activity in the town with the first royal grant for a fair given in 1199. In 1393 Tristledermot was even granted permission for a mint to produce its own coins. Archaeological excavations have provided proof that the townspeople were involved in specialised craft activities including butchery, horn-working, blacksmithing and pottery making. There was even a locally made form of medieval pottery known as ‘Castledermot-ware’.

There were two religious houses in the town. The Priory and Hospital of St John the Baptist was founded by Walter de Riddlesford and his wife in 1210, just outside Dublingate. All that remains of this is a square tower. At the southern end of the town was the Franciscan Friary, of which the impressive church ruins remain. It was founded in c.1247. Inside is a rare cadaver grave stone dating to about 1520. Both of these houses were dissolved in 1541.

With the loss of both its administrative and religious functions the town became more dependent on its market function. By the mid-19th Castledermot was described as having ‘neither trade nor manufacture; the place is wholly dependent on agriculture, and on the traffic resulting from its situation on a public thoroughfare.’

This information is courtesy of www.irishwalledtownsnetwork.ie, for more contact;

Castledermot Local History Group

Find out more about Castledermot here


Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park


To find out more about Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park call, +353 (0)45 870 238.

Lullymore Heritage & Discovery park prides itself on being one of the top family attractions in Ireland. The Parks unique rural scenic location and its state of the art play areas make for a refreshing and safe place for families to enjoy a day out together.

There’s no time limit on your stay and families can enjoy great indoor / outdoor play areas, pet farm, treasure hunts and train trips at their leisure. The Park also has 60 acres of meandering trails through peatlands, lakes and ancient woodland with lots of fascinating exhibitions to visit along the way.

There is a large cafe / shop  on site and lots of picnic areas for outdoor dining and parking is free.

The average visit duration for families is 3-4 hours and all activities are included in the admission (no hidden costs).

Lullymore…….. an ideal venue for families looking for a value for money, educational and fun day out!

Find out more about Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park here


Kildare Farm Foods


To find out more about Kildare Farm Foods call, +353 (0)45 526 774.

Kildare Farm Foods is a wonderful day out for all the family. Entry to this third generation, family run farm is FREE and it provides a family friendly, buggy and wheelchair accessible destination. Visitors to Kildare Farm Foods will see a wide variety of animals, such as; Alpacas, Ostriches, Sheep, Cows, Black Swans, Turkeys and Guinea Fowl, in a natural and relaxed setting.

The shop at Kildare Farm Foods offers a wide variety of fresh farm product. The farm operates from their own purpose built premises comprising production facilities, ambient, fresh and frozen storage so shoppers can be sure of the freshest possible products, they’ve just come across the yard!

This brilliant amenity, right on Kildare Town’s doorstep also includes:

  • a café/restaurant
  • train rides around the farm
  • indoor crazy golf course

Find out more about Kildare Farm Foods here


Fun Indoors in Kildare

These are some of the main child friendly indoor sites in County Kildare.  We have tried to show a diverse range from petting farms with inside activities to activity centres and more. We hope you enjoy your visit and that these attractions give you a chance to relax while the kids play!


County Libraries

There is usually a fun event to find in your local library – click on any of the links below to find out more info on a library near you.

Athy Library                Ballitore Library          Castledermot Library

Celbridge Library       Clane Library              Clocha Rince Library

Kilcock Library           Kilcullen Library         Kildare Town Library

Leixlip Library           Maynooth Library       Monasterevin Library

Naas Library              Newbridge Library      Rathangan Library


Kildare Farm Foods

This attraction offers free entry to the open farm.  Indoor facilities include, a crazy golf course, train rides & a well-stocked shop and café.



Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park

While Lullymore is based in the Bog of Allen it offers plenty of indoor options.  The exhibitions are generally indoors along with an indoor play centre and café.



Clonfert Pet Farm

A fantasticly, well laid out pet farm that boasts a large indoor play area to suit all ages. Clonfert also has a small café where kids can enjoy a hot meal and plenty of snacks too!


Bog of Allen Nature Centre

A chance to have fun and learn about one of Ireland’s most treasured natural resources, the bog of Allen. The Nature Centre here includes a museum and tea/coffee facilities.


The Steam Museum & Lodge Park Walled Gardens

A great place to while away a few hours while the kids get to explore this fascinating museum.  The museum houses some historical artefacts alongside the steam exhibition including sample of the first ever transatlantic cable from Ireland to Newfoundland. The Steaming Kettle Teahouse can provide a light lunch if booked in advance.


Fun Factory

The Fun Factory is a 10,000sq. ft. state of the art play facility for children from ages 1 to 10.  There is plenty to keep your children entertained while getting great exercise at the same time!



The Playbarn

The Playbarn in Johnstown has plenty to keep the kids entertained with a new extended football pitch and penalty shoot-out, a new under 2 years old toddler area, playframe refurbish throughout and extended, a new wavy slide and of course, café.


Jungle Den

Jungle Den on the Monread Road offers a large array of facilities from rope bridges to tots area and even 2 disco rooms there will be something to keep every child entertained here at Jungle Den while the adults get to relax with a coffe and bite to eat.


BASE Entertainment Centre

BASE entertainment centre located in Celbridge exit 6 off the M4, measuring a MASSIVE 40,000 sq. ft in size! This attraction offers plenty of entertainment for both kids and big-kids iwth soft play areas and also, pool, snooker and bowling to name a few!


k Bowl

This great indoor centre in Naas includes lots of different things to do such as, bowling, Wacky World children’s play area, KZone and the KDiner to fill up after all that exercise!


Indoor Mini Golf

Suitable for all ages from kids to teenagers and more, the spectacular course at Indoor Mini Golf in Naas features a cascading waterfall, an array of greenery and a raft of challenging holes. They also have a coffee and snack shop on hand to help sustain you through your two rounds.


Playgrounds in Kildare

Kildare Town Cathedral Playground

A handy list of playgrounds in Co. Kildare for those simple fun days!

Kildare Town

·     Behind Cathedral on Station Road

·     Beside Grey Abbey at Kildare Village Outlet

·     At the Irish National Stud & Gardens


·     People’s Park Public Playground


·     Due to open in 2017…. watch this space!


·     Close to Wolstan’s Abbey on Newtown Road

·     Playground, behind Aldi, close to Scoil Mochua


·     Opposite the old Abbey just off Main Street


·     Common West Playground just off Brayton Park road


·     Beside Kilcullen Community Centre


·     At the GAA Grounds


·     Amenities Centre at Easton


·     Maynooth Playground, Harbour Field – close to Railways Station/Canal


·     Playground situated just off the Main Street


·     Behind the Monread Sports & Leisure Centre, just off Monread Road

·     Behind Ballykane Church just off Blessington Road


·     At the Newbridge Sports Centre on Milltown Road


·     Just off the Main Street, under the Slate River Bridge

Other Playgrounds


·     Playground in the Centre of the Village


·     Pocket Park opposite the school.


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